Clinic Details


Clinic Rates

1 Day Clinic: $200 (Includes Book and DVD)

2 Day Clinic: $350 (Includes Book, DVD and KDSC Towel)

Individual Private Lesson Price Available Upon Request. 

$50 non-refundable deposit for 1 day clinics, $100 for 2 day clinics. 

**At this time clinics will be available in the ATA Eastern Zone States, plus Ohio due to travel expenses**

Clinic Details

Each clinic day will typically run 8 hours in length. Shooters are responsable for thier own gun and shells unless specified beforehand. Clinic rate does not include targets or ammo, shooters will owe this money to the host club. Shooters are also responsible for their own lunch. Groups of 5 shooters are ideal as to give each individual the time they require to learn. A 25% discount will be given to the clinic organizer. 

Daily Clinic Activities

Each day of the clinic will begin with a classroom portion. We will discuss items such as hold points and foot positions. After this is complete we will move to gun fit and patterning. Once this is complete then we will begin at the 16 Yard-Line. Shooters should expect to shoot roughly 100 targets in each discipline that they desire to improve in. Clinics will cover Handicap and Doubles if desired and a full clinic will run 300-400 targets in each day of a clinic.

What to bring to a clinic:

Proper Shells (300-400 per day) Reloads are discouraged

Dress Appropriately for the Weather

Bring lunch and plenty to drink. 

A gun in good mechanical condition

Desire to improve and willingness to listen!!!!

Loaner guns and shells available for clinics in the Pittsburgh Area for $50 per day, please let us know if this is needed ahead of time. Shells also available for $8 per box.