2020 Tournaments and Clinics


2020 Tournament Schedule

Southern Grand American, Silver Dollar Gun Club, March 9th-15th 2020

Florida State Shoot, Silver Dollar Gun Club, March 17th-22nd 2020

Keystone Open, PSSA Homegrounds, May 15th-17th 2020

Buckeye Open, Cardinal Center, May 26th-31st 2020

Pennsylvania State Shoot, PSSA Homegrounds, June 13th-21st 2020

Ohio State Shoot, Cardinal Center, June 23rd-28th 2020

Pennsylvania Grand, PSSA Homegrounds, July 3rd-5th 2020

Zone shoot, Cicero New YorkJuly 23rd-26th 2020

Grand American, Sparta Illinois, August 5th- August 15th 2020

Cardinal Classic, Marengo Ohio, August 18th-23rd 2020

Westy Hogan, PSSA Homegrounds September 11th-13th 2020

Current Scheduled Clinics

Coming Soon!

Clinics can be scheduled at clubs near the tournaments above before/after the dates shown, Books and DVD's will be available at these shoots as well.